Retail Insider: Discussion on Inspiration, Retail And Designing For The Future with Adam X

Craig interviews Adam X., Founder and Creative Director at Adam X Atelier, exploring the foundation and philosophy behind his designs. Adam's multicultural background and passion for art and fashion shaped his journey.

This path led him to realize the communicative power of fashion. Adam's design approach focuses on enhancing the wearer's beauty through meticulous draping, tailoring, and attention to detail, drawing inspiration from movies and nature.

Adam shares his creative process, from the emotional drive behind his collections to the detailed steps of bringing a concept to life. He recounts a personal story that inspired the “Some Beings” collection, highlighting how emotional narratives shape his work. The conversation shifts to Adam’s focus on womenswear, his retail and direct-to-consumer experiences, and his brand's expansion into U.S. markets. Adam stresses the importance of reaching customers across all platforms and introducing ready-to-wear collections.

The interview concludes with reflections on the Canadian fashion industry's challenges and opportunities. Adam emphasizes collaboration among designers, boutiques, and other industry participants, offering advice for emerging designers and underscoring the transformative power of fashion and the need for a supportive community to nurture Canadian talent.