Kiss the World Look Book


 Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s love letter to Diego Rivera, all the kisses were collected in Paris, London, New York and Toronto and placed on silk duchess satin fabric. This collection is created as a love letter to the world. It’s time for us to have our arms wide open to embrace a new wave of positive change in life and then share the best with the world.

Kiss the world collection applied a wide variety of techniques including asymmetrical cutting, articulated fabrication, haute couture draping techniques and hand embroidery. Each look forms its unique charisma and intransitive into another. From the swirling Kiss Dresses, embroidered butterfly kiss bustier to the unexpected couture draped long skirt – mix of traditional and abstract floral and finally the frill silk organza statement dress.

Dynamic yet elegant, this collection serves as works of art in regards to structure, colors and silhouettes.